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Advance ETS 210 | Supplied & Installed

ETS 210

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ETS 210

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Advance ETS 210

Cylinder cost: £1390.00
Materials Installation kit: £432.29
Labour: £568.80
Total installation: £2,391.09 + VAT

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Advance ETS 210

A stainless steel thermal store in the shape of a cylinder with a separate cold section that, if desired, can be installed without a discharge overflow and is instead equipped with an isolation kit. Atmospheric pressure is present in the open-vent store. Relief valves, tun dishes, or metal discharge pipes are not necessary when using the main’s hot water because it is heated inside by a coil. One bath and one shower can be accommodated by the mains hot water delivery for an overnight (off-peak) fee.

Its hot water thermal store system gives you the advantage of mains pressure hot water and is ideal for contemporary apartments or all-electric homes. Installation is straightforward, maintenance is minimal, and the unit is small because it was created with today’s lifestyles in mind.

The Gledhill Pulsacoil can be perfectly replaced by the ETS 210, which does not require a printed circuit board, as it has a mechanical delivery system instead of an electronic one. It is made of stainless steel and requires little upkeep. If the isolation kit is installed, it can be installed without an overflow. If the cold section fills up, this option, which is available in the drop-down menu above, will turn off the incoming mains. The isolation kit cannot be purchased alone; it must be purchased along with the ETS 210. A valve is installed for the specific purpose of manually isolating the feed to the cold section.

The hot water store uses a bank of heated water with an effective internal heat exchanger connected to the incoming water mains for safe, quick “power” showering and bath filling. This system operates on the thermal store principle.

Two 3kw immersion heaters and a hot water control pack are installed in the unit.
For best effectiveness, the ETS 210 should be linked to a low-cost source and utilised at the proper times.

Recently, the thermal store was upgraded to provide insulation that is 60 mm thick, exceeding Part L of the Building Regulations.

The ETS offers a 10-year warranty. A two-year warranty is offered on the installed components. It has undergone independent testing and received an ERP Band “C”.

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Advance ETS 210L Installation & Time clock

£3,043.31 INC VAT
Advance ETS 210Ltr

Advance ETS 210 Stainless With Scale Inhibitor

£2,989.31 INC VAT
Advance ETS 210Ltr
Scale Protection

Advance ETS 210 Stainless With Scale Inhibitor & Timeclock

£3,163.31 INC VAT
Advance ETS 210Ltr
& Scale Protection
& Timeclock

Advance ETS 210 Features & Benefits

  • 10-year cylinder guarantee.
  • Pre-plumbed hot water pack fitted.
  • Two immersion heaters fitted.
  • Safe fast delivery of mains hot water.
  • One bath plus one shower.
  • Water level indicator for installations without overflow.
  • Simple technology – no PC.
  • Stainless Steel construction with 10 Year Guarantee.
  • A neat all-in-one design reduces installation time and removes the need for unsightly additional pipe work.
  • Safe Vented Store
  • No Flues
  • Compact Design
  • Only three plumbing connections to make
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Attractive and compact
  • Safe open-vented store
  • ERP Class C

The unit has a 10-year cylinder warranty, 2-year parts and a 1-year labour warranty.

Installation with 5-Year Extended Parts & Labour Warranty available on request

Advance ETS 210

Product Specification
Thermal Store
Advance Appliance ETS 210
Product Code 176367
Type Direct Electric Thermal Store
Sub Type Direct
Colour White
Warranty (Years) 10
Height (mm) 1750
Diameter (mm) 600
Weight Empty (Kg) 50
Weight Full (Kg) 285
Capacity (Litres) 210
Mounting Vertical
Material Stainless Steel
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